Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria for owning a property on the Dibleys Heritage Estate?
To own a property on the estate residents must be over 55 and responsible for their own care requirements. The estate is not set up to provide sustained or permanent care for residents. Prospective buyers will also have a meeting with the Board of Directors prior to purchase to answer any questions you may have as you will also become a shareholder..
What maintenance is Dibleys Heritage Ltd. responsible for? 
Each property has individual requirements, however in general Dibleys Heritage Ltd. is responsible for the main external structure of the properties including the roof, external doors & windows, as well as the grounds maintenance, the communal heating system, and all communal areas including the car parks & pathways. If the property has a garage Dibleys Heritage is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of these.
What is the length of time on the leases of the properties?
All leases on properties have 999 year terms.
Are there set service charges for the properties?
Estimated Service charges are set by the Board of Directors annually. Different properties have different service charges dependant on various factors. The company's financial year is from the 1st October to the 30th September each year.
Does the Dibleys Estate allow pets?
Pets are welcomed on the estate but are assessed against the size of the property owned. This will need to be discussed with the Dibleys Heritage Ltd. Office, but is not reasonably withheld. 
What is the criteria for altering the properties on the Dibleys Heritage Estate?
To alter a property on the estate the proposed plans would be required to be assessed by the Dibleys Heritage Ltd. Office. Dependant on what alterations these may be, they may need company approval & legal changes to the lease. The company will not refuse any reasonable requests as long as the plans are not detrimental to the overall estate.
Is there any conditions for Buying or Selling of the properties?
There are set processes for buying and selling of properties on the estate, if you have any questions on these please contact the Dibleys Heritage Ltd. Office.
Can the property be rented or sublet?
Under the terms of all leases, subletting or renting is not permitted, neither is operating or registering a business on any property across the estate.