About Dibleys Heritage Ltd

Dibleys Heritage Ltd. was set up in 1988, when Blewbury was in Berkshire.  

The houses and bungalows were previously managed by Blewbury Housing Association and in the mid-eighties decisions were made to privatise 9 houses and 47 Bungalows under the management of Dibleys Heritage Ltd.

With leases of 999 years together with each leaseholder being granted a single voting share in the company, the management structure for the estate was controlled by the leaseholders themselves. 

The Board of Directors, who must be shareholders, consists of up to 5 directors with no less than 2.  This reasonable approach gives the flexibility needed as people’s lives change and they need to become less involved in the day to day running of the company, and reduces the need for quick elections of Directors when anyone feels the need to resign from the Board. The Board of Directors are supported by employees who run the day to day operations of the company's office.

The company owns, and operates the communal heating system, which supplies heating to each of the properties on the estate.  

The company owns the grounds and are responsible for their maintenance, these are extensive and the photographs in the Estate Gallery speak for themselves as to their size, peace and tranquillity.  

This does not mean it is always too quiet, Blewbury is a vibrant small village in an area of outstanding natural beauty and many residents actively participate in the many and varied village activities.

To find out more about Blewbury Village and its activities please visit the Blewbury Village Website